A Recipe Post to Begin

Betty Crocker’s Rotisserie of Recipes

A few words for this post today, which is my first post of this WordPress Blog ~ Brut Imperial Antarctica (an adlib name with no more meaning than to sound groovy — maybe); I will elaborate more on this theme on the intention page or pages for the Blog’s determinism, but I wanted to begin with a feature of some of the key groups of food & recipe sources I hope to promote on this Blog as I am not an accomplished cook of my own right.  So, Betty Crocker & Pillsbury & Kraft & Campbell’s & others hope to feature into this Blog from my subscribed email often, but there will be more sources from other locations like Willima Sonoma Taste and My Recipes and Mr. Food and Food Lion and so forth, as well as I hope (hoping not to incur copyright issues), reposts from the blogs of other foodie blogs (with all rights reserved for themselves of course).

So I have begun.