Minestrone Soup & Dirty Rice with Pork Chops on the Side


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(A suggestion for reducing a perfectly healthy and delicious recipe to a paleo quality recipe, such as the one above, … is to reduce the grease by whatever means possible and also to use dry herbs (or natural seasonings) wherever possible and to de-fat the meat to skinny, however possible; this allows the meat to lose as much of its fatty quality as possible and increases the ability for the actual nutriments of your food to be enhanced, which is the most basic message of paleo cooking.  I am not an expert by any means and have no license to state this in final, however; but I am an advocate of including some paleo dishes in ordinary meal plans.)


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(In cases where the fat content of the recipe is in the ingredient which makes the dish what it is — such as creamy and cheesy dishes — the reduction of the fat should be aimed at the finishing ingredients.  For instance, lite mayonnaise (or homemade paleo mayonnaise) instead of ordinary and lo-fat to no-fat cheeses; and finally, although I have no evidence of anyone who agrees with me, from life experience I have noticed that olive oil is not actually the most healthy oil alternative there is for any kind of special “diet” and a oil, such as peanut oil or safflower oil, which is rich in self-evident fats and can be used to infuse any food quickly; whereas olive oil will literally render and enrich any food so greatly it increases the fat content hugely.)

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