Baked Spaghetti Day

Good Question:

What should anyone eat with a Spaghetti Bake or a Pasta Pie of any kind?

I would add a vegetable casserole of a favorite kind; maybe a gratin or a bechamel or both and a vegetable tartine casserole, especially onion or leek or something tart, to the side of that; or else, some more starch like a potato bake or some more light meat, like a chili or meatballs of any kind; a healthy green mix salad and a skewered shrimp side is also something worth putting into thought.

And of course, if all else fails to interest the host and guests, possibly, possibly, the way of fast food, adding well-seasoned pub fry wedgies or restaurant fries and/or pub onion rings (the greasy, juicy kind) and some healthily buttered and seasoned garlic bread.  Very finally, but I doubt this would interest many people, fried vegetable and fish tempura or panko.  (You have to be a die-hard fan of pasta and greasy food treats for the last few suggestions to this list; so I recommend more than anything the vegetable casseroles and/or tartines.

But of course, as this kind of pie might end up at the breakfast table on any given brunch day, maybe the best partner to it is biscuits and gravy.  Too much?  Too little?  There are just too many good suggestions.  Oh, yes, sausage and eggs!  A Denver Omelet!  Pancakes! The Swedish kind; maybe a side of Swedish Meatballs too; or no, maybe stuffed a stack of blueberry pancakes?  I got it; a fried apple pancake.  Yes, that’s it.  A very good side to this would be a fried apple skillet pancake.  Soggy crumpets and basic scones.  Lox and bagels, I forgot that.  There are too many options really.  I believe this kind of dish pairs itself with some reliable versatility to many other fly-to-the-side-buffet dishes.

Pizza.  Good too.  No, I’ve got it; bruschetta.  Seafood salad?  I can’t decide.  Caponata!

Oh yes, that’s it — hummus and cracked tortilla with giardiniera.  No, that’s too much.

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I know that these last few recipes are not in keeping with the principle topic of today’s post — Baked Spaghetti Day — however, in the first place, I laughed so hard when I ciphered “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” from the URL snippet on Pinterest, when I saw the recipe and how delicious it was and how well it fit in, I had to include it; this regards the first one, which is a Mince Beef Pie; not always the easiest recipe to find in traditional form as this one is authentic English Cottage Pie.

And then skimming down the pages collected from this starter (which was attached to the Spaghetti Pie from Art and the Kitchen (above)), I found a few other dishes which are not in the today’s topic of title, but which seem to want to be put into mention, regarding the problem of the start, whichever is, what should we maybe eat besides this?  So, I chose a few more that stood out, although there were too many of all the kinds mentioned in the beginning of the post — many of which I have pinned to my Pinterest board, Pasta_Garden_2GO, which is an open folder to peruse clicking my Pinterest link.

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I do believe that soon I will post a day of Fish Pie Recipes.  Maybe this Friday.  (Or soon.)

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