Wild Thing, I Think I Love You


(Spotted Hyenas Live in Female Dominated Groups and are Very Social)

I ought to simply say that I meant to post many roast beef recipes about a week ago and this was even before Candlemas holiday.  Then I let it wait to Candlemas and I was very happy to learn that my study on the day with two roast wild beasts, was well received.  Therefore, my plans to expand the feast rep into a a week long pilgrimage to the Mardi Gras Festival and Valentine’s Day (this year including the falling date of Ash Wednesday, as in some orthodoxy — which, as a free spirit I am usually apt to follow in with — it is a movable feast to some other Wednesday besides following Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras). I have not known Ash Wednesday to always fall after Shrove Tuesday as Mardi Gras or Mardi Gras to never follow on to the precedent of Ash Wednesday if it has been moved from the Valentine Week.  Whatever anyone else may report to me; I have not known this fixity and so, I consider 2018 a rather special year in that report.  The ideas that I present are with reference to the fellowship of all the holidays in the month of February, as my calendar study is for the calendar days including Judeo-Christian days in open tradition and also pagan days in open tradition.  This is my love to study; however fruitlessly the path may lead from time to time.  My insane notions are not entirely without course of reason however.  I am pushed to it by the realization of the Pentecostal Season in the summer months after Easter (Pasqua) and may actually have something to do with global warming and environmental devastation.  I won’t elaborate so anyone reading this may feel free to believe I’m hairbrained in my pursuits of calendar holidays. But as a student of holy grail mythology in legendary literatures and variable Chronicles of world histories, I think to have understood that the temporal calendar is also temporal for the space of a few aeons and then is established to receive a critical revision; so that the terms of scriptural judgment refers to the end of time as a balance of calendar days.  This if it is true, would require an adjustment of Pentecostal days and their judgment values and therefore, theology students might want to take it to heart to study all the histories and legends that they can that point to The Way (of Christ) throughout their annals, in order to see that, there are several mystical solutions to this problem of the end times and including redemption and salvation.  For some reason for me, this all translates to food festivals at many more staged festivals than we already have.  But, it’s not true that everyone has to see end times and its solution the same way; it takes all kinds, of course, may also be scriptural phrase somewhere.  Or, that is to say, I also appreciate some cynicism to grow on, or to grow on me, whatever.  Although sometimes cynics can be annoying, when they refuse to actually take themselves seriously, so no.  Not for comedians.  I’m very serious about this all.  Anyway, I have nothing but a haphazard plan to notice calendar days and that they are missing and that this could have an effect on global warming.  In which case, I like to follow a few guidelines in my research and if the feast of Candlemas was satisfied by a piglet, a hog, a kid and a goat; then I am very happy.   I consider these guidelines enough followed.


The intention had been, of the continuing feast, to include some wild animals after the first days and going on into Valentine’s Day.  While I was trying to figure how to include Ash Wednesday falling directly in line with the perfect feast day calendar this year (if Easter is a movable feast, then Ash Wednesday must also be a movable feast, is what I am referring to; whereas, Mardi Gras has less or more typical dates in relation to Valentine’s day and occurs more usually than not in the second week of February and Shrove Tuesday is not always accountable as Mardi Gras in separate practice of orthodoxy; it is the concurrence of orthodox schedules or practice, or this is my understanding, which concurs the dates of the Lenten Season to the Pentecost Season with Easter serving them intermediately; I don’t know how these facts are determined).


But moving on with our own story, I had a list of wild beasts — a yak, an elk, a wildebeest (where available), a camel (there were explanations for that), mutton, lama and rams — that I thought I would look into the feast portions of and then I never did.  I thought they would make a nice presentation for the first 15 days of February after Candlemas leading to the 17th.  This is also because, approximately within 30 days, the Ides of March holiday (March 15th) and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) coincide again as notable dates to the litany of things sometimes left unsung.  Certainly the Ides of March never sees a universal festival day and yet, it remarks to calendar days well with the other themes of keeping on the off-side of things during the year, like Day of the Dead, St. Nick’s and my favorites of Ephipany and Candlemas; but there are others.  The inclusion of March festivals continues to lend continuity to the year and take some of the anarchist fury of festivals that occur during the very months of question in the Pentecost Season.  And it is usually in February that all our hopes of enduring festivity is lost and rarely rekindled by a reminder to the saints.


So this is an explanation for the post that began and never ended because it never was.


Then I ran across the Festival of Molise in Molise, Italy that is set up for February 13th this year.  And I didn’t think that the automatism of the holiday procession I was trying to set up, was as ethically obvious as I had thought at first.  So I quit my process on it, being happy with the first success.  I posted this all to my other Blogspot at Blogger with suggestions for the actual Candlemas Feast proposal.  (These other posts are all at brutimperialantarctica.blogspot.com; which is of name Escoffier Chaldean Ramases on the actual site at Blogger by Google.  I do also have another WordPress site, but this information isn’t listed there because these other two blogs I have are principally food oriented; redcrosse10999.wordpress.com is not.)


I wanted to post the remainder of the February Feast (in its hypothesis) on this WordPress site I have here.  But I just haven’t gotten around to it.  So I am writing this little disclaimer post, in case I find time, somewhere from here to the Ides of March to put together that other list of wild beasts for the outdoor fealty of the calendar crusade.  But I’m still not sure….

Well yes but and… the hyenas were never on the list.  I think they’re very pretty.