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Butternut Squash and Radicchio Pappardelle

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I was looking at the THE KITCHN website this morning on my Bloglovin’ App because I don’t have a Bloglovin’ site; I have a Blogger site and 2 WordPress sites.  And when I was trying out blogging this year, I couldn’t figure out the Bloglovin’ construction for some reason and found these other two much easier.  I am pretty sure it is just a fact of my short temper with my hobbies, which is this.  I so enjoying posting recipes from around the internet and everywhere and I usually do this through Facebook and Pinterest, however, that gets rather messy and over the years, it is difficult to establish some posts as distinguishable from others.  They get easily lost in the stacks; whereas in a blog they are easier to spot and cite in archives and pages.  So I finally decided to do it.  I am principally a writer and I was surprised at my witless character in deciding to make my blog hobby, not about the incessant amount of commentary I can make about everything and most of it even quite fictional (if not sometimes entertaining); but that I prefer to feature food, history and tech over all the vast 3 of them.  I don’t have a lot of time; searching through manuscripts and books online is a full time working hobby that has to be put besides trying to wake up and go to sleep on time to keep doing it.  It’s like being an athlete.  (You don’t have to believe that.  I try to get people to believe that so that they are impressed with me.  But  it’s unimpressive.)

Well, so, I didn’t get a Bloglovin’ site.  I don’t remember all the conditions, but basically to encourage myself with that site would have made it impossible to surf the web as much as like to (and have to, yes).

Well I wanted to feature a post on BIA WordPress like one of the larger posts I have done over at my BIA Blogger, that takes one company or magazine foodie group and features their recipes according to the rules of my pretensions.  I’m afraid that I just finished the publication of Doctrina Antiqua on Amazon last week (you can search it under my name, under books or kindle, either; over there); and I am on the run with more projects and if I get distracted with what I really love just a little bit only less than that, web surfing history and tech and things, which would otherwise be web-surfing food and posting recipes in close second, then I won’t be doing the first love thing and the first things first thing.  That would be sad.  For me.

So I haven’t done a THE KITCHN Feature yet, which I want to.  I want to reserve a day for it and possibly also expand it to feature THE KITCHN with THE SPRUCE, as I find them to be rather similar in works, with enough diversities of course to make their both inclusions interesting.  (Everyone can posts their bets behind my back then, as I realize has happened; okay; for whenever that will be.  I wager it is within the year of 2018; but with me, it is true, you never know.  But it will be special, you cannot doubt.)

Otherwise, for this post (no it’s actually very easy and quick for me to write incessantly like this); I looked up “Homemade Pappardelle” on THE KITCHN and I couldn’t find a recipe for that specifically, so you will see the same title recipe by Epicurious above.

But; and I suppose I should have placed this paragraph at the top, but what fun would that be?  I then truncated the search to “Homemade” as it turned up more than a few results and rather than be stingy?  When I realize myself to be in the company of accomplished cooks of varying important grades, myself being not the same, I should allow anyone with the time to waste to enjoy something for their visit.  Therefore!  Above!

And then of course, I just had to try my hand at “How to Make” and found too much to hope that this seems rationale.  But theorists don’t need a lot of rationale, that’s the kitchen’s problem.  I suppose if I wanted to account for myself it would be as a kitchen librarian, in which case, I should probably worried about the fact that these posts would also postpone my secret hidden first love — of history.  I have to move on now.

There should be 152 in the first category of Homemade and 823 in the second category of How to Make; this providing that your cookies are set to receive it all.  In which case or otherwise, I could imagine most PC’s — I do searches all day long — will get most if not all of the first search and at least half if not most of the second.  Or all of them.  But many.

In the end I got a good lead on Pappardelle Recipes over at and I couldn’t help but upstage my own intentions to making it Pappardelle Day.  But this is better for the outcome of whenever I can finish the original feature ~ THE KITCHN & THE SPRUCE.