Semi Homemade Chicken and Gravy

What's for Dinner Moms?

I am back (I hope!) for awhile. I got my computer back. It was just far too difficult to post on my phone and tablet. It was so frustrating that I decided a break was needed. Thank you for sticking with me!

I am into this idea of semi homemade right now. I go through period of times time where I make everything from scratch and then when times are busy I find myself doing the semi homemade. Mixing premade items with the fresh to make meals easier. All of the items in this recipe can be homemade – 2 cups gravy, cream of chicken soup, but I used the canned and instant versions for this


I didn’t expect my family to like this as much as they did. It was perfect over homemade mashed potatoes on a cold snowy night. Because it was in the slow cooker we…

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