Ham & Bow Tie Bake

I’m still up to my eyeballs in ham. I made that crockpot beer ham a few weeks ago and have turned it into three different dishes—but I still have ham leftover.

And that was a small, 3 pound ham, too!

If you made a ham for Thanksgiving, you’re probably swimming in ham slices as well. Luckily for you, I got you covered with how you can use it up. If you chop up a cup or so of ham, you’ve got endless possibilities. Breakfast, lunch, dinner—you name it.

This recipe came from one of my first recipe boxes I filled up with transcribed recipes. I’m pretty sure it was from a Taste of Home booklet or something similar, it’s got easy-casserole-esquee recipe written all over it. I love a good dump and bake dish. Ham, cheese, alfredo sauce, some veggies and pasta—that’s all you need for a great casserole.


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