Healthy Weeknight Fish Entrees

I hate to forget that fish is a serious alternative meat for a lot of people — I mean not just even just vegans — even around the holidays. So I wanted to reblog some fish intentionally for the months we’re on now. These look terrific. So did the Halibut just below this post today on BIA Blog (12/02/2019 for archives).

jovina cooks


One of the best things about cooking seafood is its versatility — it can be grilled, broiled, poached, baked or cooked in a skillet. Seafood is actually one of the easiest ingredients to cook with and can be one of the fastest to prepare. Fish is also healthy.

Health studies show that eating fish at least once a week, especially cold-water species high in omega-3 fatty acids, reduces the risk of heart problems. Other research suggests that regularly eating omega-3–rich fish may prevent or relieve depression, joint problems, Alzheimer’s disease and several cancers. Even seafood low in omega-3s, like scallops and crab, are rich in other key nutrients.

Fish is delicate so it needs gentle techniques to make sure that it is tasty, cooked and yet retains all the benefits. Any way you choose to cook fish, remember that its flesh cooks quickly. The best way to cook fish and…

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