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to remedy this mistake. With reference to the reblogged post today (12/03/2019) from Cooking Italian titled “Sunday Sauce alla Scorsese” I added some extra posts of my own about baked cheese recipes in relation to what I read on that post. But I thought that I had posted that post (the “Sunday Sauce” post from Cooking Italian), onto my CPR (Crackling Pork Rinds WordPress Blog). I posted it here instead. Which is fine, except I meant to put all the extra posts in the same wordpress section of my own. I did not.

So please refer over there to find other cheese recipes I took off on from this reblogged post. I have also reposted (on this day) over on CPR the original post.

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Cinnamon & Sugar Blueberry Muffins

City Foodie Farm

Weekends are the best!! My husband is usually the early riser. And I guess you could say I’m one of the lucky ones, that wakes up to already brewed coffee. Not always, but that is usually the norm in our house. And I am so thankful for that!

One of my husband’s specialties on the weekends is making a yummy batch of Cinnamon and sugar muffins. We’ve always called them Emma’s muffins, and they’re actually in our hand written recipe book as that. We’ve been making them for years now. They’re called Emma’s muffins because as a little girl, she loved them! It’s one of the muffins my daughter will actually eat.

It’s a simple muffin recipe we’ve tweaked over the years. We’ve added in different fruit from time to time to make them a little different. Today he added blueberries.

When I was grocery shopping before the holiday, I…

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Italian Chicken Burgers

Fabulous Fare Sisters

Italian Chicken Burgers

By now you must know our love for burgers! This Italian Chicken Burger is on the lighter side…yea! All the flavors of a Chicken Parmesan in a burger..who wouldn’t like that!? Quick and easy Friday night burger that’s so tasteful you won’t need to go out! If you’re not in the mood to add the sauce then by all means pop some bbq sauce and bacon on your burger or layer on the BLT and your favorite condiments. Any way you dress ’em up, you’re gonna love ’em!   

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Brown Sugar Bacon & Sharp Provolone Turkey Burgers

Fabulous Fare Sisters

We’ve been cutting back on burgers but every once in a while you just crave one…this one’s topped with brown sugar bacon and sharp provolone…a nice combination! And since it’s turkey it’s got to be just a wee bit healthier…Right?!

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Artisan Burgers

Fabulous Fare Sisters

Artisan Burgers

It’s Burger Night! I was in the mood for something different…something fancy…so I came up with a combination of flavors that hit the spot. Think Applewood smoked bacon, Havarti cheese and Fig jam…doesn’t that sound delicious? Well, it was! And you can make it too…here’s how to do it…

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Pub Burgers with Bacon Jam

Fabulous Fare Sisters

I had these super tasty burgers at the Iron Pier Craft House – a Gastropub in Cape May, NJ – with outdoor seating overlooking the Atlantic Ocean – a little too chilly on these December days but a great restaurant to visit in season. When making these burgers at home I added additional flavor in the meat with a bit of Brazilian Steakhouse seasoning and created my own Bacon Jam…I also substituted Havarti cheese…end result – Delicious!

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Sausage Balls

From the Recipe Box

You know by now how much I love a party.  And you simply can’t love a party without the love of a good nibble.  I’ve had this recipe forever, and I don’t know why I haven’t shared it.   Mom used to make these back in the day, only she always had a mustard dipping sauce.  I’m using a sweet chili dipping sauce, because G doesn’t like mustard.  I know, what a maroon.

Anytime you have a recipe that only calls for 4 ingredients, you are on the right track for the perfect hors d’ oeuvres.  These come together so easily.  I will warn you about the mess though.  I used my hand mixer.  The sausage mixture crawled up the beaters and did not want to leave.  My sous chef, the great and glorious G, cursed me for about 30 minutes while he was trying to clean the holes the beaters…

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Sunday Sauce alla Scorsese

I was looking for the baked cheese in this script. I thought that’s what it meant, but I don’t have the time right now to look at the videos. I just thought the script from their home movie was funny. I thought it was a real movie, I was wondering what it was? You know, a funny mob movie but that was sad because what was funny about it was that no one was funny except in themselves. Oh well, that’s what it’s not.

So I thought I would reblog this for whoever has more time. I need to find an Italian baked cheese recipe now. I will.

Cooking Italian

Catherine Scorsese makes Sunday Sauce Italian Gravy in her apartment

on Elizabeth Street, Little Italy, New York …

“This is what my mother in-law taught me. You take a few tablespoons of tomato sauce, and put in here (with the chopped meat).”

“It keeps the meatballs soft. Not like some people. You get invited to some peoples house, and the Meatballs are hard. I better be careful. I have a lot of friends. If they see this.”

At The Home of Catherine and Charles Scorsese

Elizabeth Street, New York NY



by Martin Scorsese

Starring : Catherine Scorsese and Charles Scorsese

with Martin Scorsese


Charlie : “I remember the first Radio we got. It was in the shape of a Church.”

Charlie : “Sometimes it’s been known, that a man is a better cook than a woman. It’s the truth.”

Catherine : “Then, why…

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