Teriyaki Beef Meatballs

That Cooking Thing

I am a huge fan of sauces. They can transform a dish and the right choice of sauce can cover a huge multitude of sins. The biggest issue that can arise when making a sauce is the consistency. You don’t want it so thin that it runs off the other elements of a dish but if you thicken it too much, you will end up with a paste which isn’t particularly pleasant either!

The two most important methods of thickening a sauce (in my opinion) are with a cornflour slurry and using a roux. These are probably the methods that most people would use without special preparation as they don’t require fancy ingredients. Cornflour slurries only require you to have cornflour and water in the house and a roux is made using fat and flour – I use butter but other common ingredients include oil and dripping. While there are…

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