Cuban Hawaiian Roll Sliders

What's for Dinner Moms?

We have had some amazing sunsets lately! The waves have been wrecking the shores but the lake is almost 13 inches higher than the last few years so it is expected. Not wanted, but expected. The beach along this shore is gone and the metal wall can be seen all along the shore trying to keep some of the shore line intact.

I was looking around for a recipe for Cuban sliders because I had leftover pork loin from dinner the other night but every slider recipe I read had no pork in it. How can you make a Cuban sandwich with no pork? So, I made my own by taking a hugely popular recipe and adding the pork and extra pickles.

These would make a hearty football party snack, a teen party bite, or for us an appetizer meal!


The entire family loved this! I made one section…

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Sweet and Spicy Pork Noodles

What's for Dinner Moms?

I have said before that the pictures I take of our dinner is often my plate as it gets to the table. I don’t use special lighting or tweezers to move my food around to make it look perfect. Although I do my best to make the food look appetizing there are still splotches of sauce or meat juice on the bowls and plates. This night my son served us. He realized quickly when he divided the whole recipe into four bowls that he had over-served us but he tried.


This was a family hit! The dishes that they can add what they like – more soy sauce, more hot sauce, more peanuts, are the dishes that my family really want again and again. Taste the dish and add more garlic or whatever you like to your dish!

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