Smoke dried pork with dry bamboo shoot recipe/ How to make smoke dried pork/ Pork with dry bamboo shoot recipe

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I am back today with a dish from my region. The most popular and the most loved dish Smoke Dried Pork With Dry Bamboo Shoot. Pork is one of the most loved meat of the Nagas. No festival or special occasions is complete without pork dishes.

This is a traditional and authentic naga style pork recipe. It is a perfect side dish with lovely flavors. The unique and amazing aroma coming out of the smoked meat, dry bamboo shoot and the magical sichuan peppercorns is just divine and to die for.

It is a simple and easy recipe that requires no fancy cooking techniques and a fuss free recipe. All you need is the ingredients and lots of love 😉.

To preserve the food, a lot of smoking and fermentation happens in Naga Culture. The Naga Cuisine uses mostly meat, fishes, fermented bamboo shoots, fermented soya bean, vegetables, chillies

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