🐟 Seared scallop dinner. 12/13/19


I skipped a post for yesterday since it was our leftover dinner for the week. We had leftover stuffed peppers. But on Friday we had one of my favorite dinners—plump, seared, ocean scallops with new potatoes and snow peas. And don’t forget homemade tartar sauce! Yum! It makes an ordinary week night dinner seem like a special occasion.

I start steaming the potatoes ahead of John searing the scallops. They only take 15-20 minutes depending on their size. When they are done John heats up the cast iron pan with a little vegetable oil until it is smoking and then lays the scallops in.

In the meantime I have stringed and refreshed the snow peas in some ice water and put them in the pan that the potatoes have just come out of. I spray it with some buttery Pam first. The water still clinging to the snow peas gives…

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