139 Uszka, tiny dumplings that are love.

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Uszka with clear barszcz (beetroot soup) is the stuff that many Poles look forward to on Christmas Eve. What are uszka? Translated into English, ‘uszka’ mean ‘little ears’, not an especially appetising description of these lovable dumplings, I’d say.

Uszka are tiny dumplings filled with wild mushrooms, that are traditionally eaten with clear beetroot soup on Christmas Eve’s dinner (Wigilia) in Poland. The sweet, velvety taste of beetroots highlights the earthy, deep flavour of wild mushrooms in a way that is quite unforgettable.

Uszka with barszcz.

I see uszka as an act of love. Making them is a lengthy and elaborate affair, that starts from preparing the mushroom filling (for which hand-picked wild mushrooms are often used), a few-step process itself, then making a pierogi dough, and finally – wrapping the filling into the thinly-rolled dough, thus creating teeny tiny dumplings that are nothing short of being masterpieces.

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