Burritos de Carne Asada con Papas Pequeñas

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Steak Burritos with Little Potatoes

I’m on a Tex-Mex kick again…who would have guessed!

Technically, this wasn’t carne asada because I didn’t grill the meat. I seared the meat in a cast iron skillet at high heat, which is close enough for me. Secondly, carne asada usually is prepared with a dry rub on the meat. I marinated the beef in guajillo and ancho chile sauce for a few hours. It might be more correct to say that I made bistec en salsa guajillo. “Pero,“Carne asada” suena más emocionante!” Which is to say, Carne asada sounds more exciting!

The potatoes used in this recipe came from my favorite grocery store, ALDI. The 24 ounce bag contains a variety of bite sized potatoes, ranging from white, yellow, red, brown and purple. They bake quickly in the oven and they come out of the oven crispy on the outside…

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