Chicken And Rice Pilaf

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

A58F88C8-C57A-4EC3-9FD5-745F73DA90C8509F90DF-7DEE-4541-9C83-9CF250F947FC47E7A1D2-4D9D-4353-A347-0A6AAA94A138I like making things I know my wife will like. So supper tonight was going to be something with chicken. My original thought was to make a stir fry, but have made a lot of them lately. So had to think of something else that she would like. I hadn’t done chicken breasts just simply fried in a few months so that was what I decided. Simply salt and pepper, fry in a little butter on medium heat. This takes about 5 minutes on each side in a covered pan. Next thing was what to have with it.

There are many options, baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, potato wedges. Vegetables are the same, just about anything would work. Looking in the fridge I realized I had a few mushrooms, half a red pepper, 3 green onions, and lots of parsley. They needed to be used so rice pilaf was my decision…

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