How to Make Gnocchi

Cooking Italian

Ingredients :
1 pound Baking Potatoes
1 cup Flour
1 extra large Egg
Wash potatoes. Leave skin on. Boil the potatoes until tender (when you can easily stick a fork to the middle of a potato).
Remove from water and place in a colander.
As soon as the potatoes have cooled enough, peel skins off of them.
Put potatoes in a Food Mill or Ricer and pass them through into a large bowl.

Working very gently with a wooden spoon or spatula, mix into the puréed potato a generous pinch of salt, the egg (optional) and enough flour to make a smooth, soft and only slightly sticky dough. Do not knead the dough or it will become gummy, just mix the ingredients together as gingerly as you can. Form the dough into a ball and place…

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