No Name Green Beans

Wishing Wells Life


Everyone keeps talking about these green beans, so I tweaked a few recipes I found and couldn’t think of a name. My kids were iffy about them, because they were different. Kids! Right? My husband devoured them. He was absolutely crazy for these.  I hope you like them like he did! He never gets seconds on veggies and tonight he are every one of the left over ones.

I told you guys yesterday I had so much to share. My son recently turned 13. Can you believe it? 13?? We’ve really had a heck of a time with him recently. Since October he’s been in ISS 7 times. Yes, you read right…SEVEN.  He’s getting screened again for ADHD. We’re considering trying him on CBD oil, instead of ADHD medication. We’re pretty positive he had ADHD though. It’s such a huge struggle. He’s been talking to this girl off and on…

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