Perfect Cast Iron Oven Roast

I went through many failed oven roast attempts before finally getting to this point. They always turned out dry or tasteless. With this recipe my family is finally enjoying roast again.

There is a key point to browning any sort of meat that should be mentioned. It’s important that the meat is dry and the oil is hot in the pan. If the meat isn’t dry it will essentially boil in its own juices and turn grey, not brown, so make sure you pat it off with some paper towel first. And if the oil in the pan is not hot you don’t get that hard layer form on the outside of the meat that seals in all the juices, instead they leak out as the pan heats up.

Salting the meat the day before is also a nice touch because it soaks in and makes for a really flavourful…

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Irish Soda Bread Muffins — 4 Sons ‘R’ Us

My Meals are on Wheels

Traditional soda bread meets sweet, flaky buttermilk style muffins in this easy Irish soda bread muffins recipe. They’re perfect for any meal of the day, and can be spread with butter, gravy, or whatever soup you’re serving. Whether it’s time to celebrate an Irish holiday like Saint Patrick’s Day, or it’s just time for a…

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