Easy Sheet Tray Fajitas Rice Bowl


Swap out Cauliflower Rice for Brown Rice to save calories

Usually one of the most popular dishes at any good Tex Mex restaurant or Roadhouse are those wonderful sizzling trays of Fajitas. Here’s a very easy way you can prepare a simple sheet tray fajita meal for four in the comfort of your own kitchen. And, if you’re feeling very industrious and want to cut out some calories, swap out brown rice for Cauliflower Rice.

Sheet tray meals have become a favourite at my house and are a Veteran Move unto themselves. They are dead easy to prepare, clean up is kept to a minimum and also tend to make balancing the meal with delicious, nutritious and above all else HEALTHY ingredients a snap! You’ll see a lot of sheet tray selections in this blog as a result.

Flank Steak is the best beef choice for this dish. Remember to slice across the grain.
Using Flank Steak is the Veteran Move for this dish. It’s very easy to thinly slice it across the grain especially if…

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