Meatball Stew

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

DF094798-5452-400F-9647-F014DD10D66CThis is another recipe that has been in the parking lot for about 40 years. The original recipe is in a very old Culross cookbook and is something my wife made when my niece Maureen was at our place for supper. We look at the original recipe and didn’t have everything to make the Culross version so used what we had. It turned out to be a very good supper with our version, but we will make it again using the original recipe. The reason we will make the original version is just to enjoy the memory. You can use your favourite meatball recipe to make the meatballs, which my wife made just after lunch. Because the meatballs are cooked in advance the cooking time is less than a normal stew

20 cooked meatballs

2 carrots chopped

1 onion cut in 6 wedges

1 turnip cut in chunks

1 large…

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