Sweet & Sour Pork Buttons

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

CC19F4E2-BFD1-4898-AF38-3737A63B0AE7Pork buttons or pork button bones are a great thing. They are something my wife and I totally enjoy having for supper. They’re easy to cook and are always tender, as the name implies they just have a little bone that looks like a button. I was thinking about them this morning because I was making them for supper. Realized that I haven’t seen them in grocery stores in other cities, made me wonder if they were just a Winnipeg thing. There are somethings that are, Old Dutch onion and garlic chips are just in Winnipeg. Which is a shame because they are great. I have never really gone hunting for pork buttons in other cities, but I do know if I had of seen them, I would of bought them. You don’t have to have them as sweet & sour pork buttons, other sauces will work with them. I…

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