A Very Simple Pork Stew

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

7A158E7B-7C8A-4496-B25D-69D0E7C1C08EThis is likely the last time I will make stew until the fall. We found a good buy on pork sirloin steaks on our weekly shopping trip. Since the package contained enough for 2 meals my wife decided I should make stew out of half of them. So supper tonight is like a lot of the things I cook, something my wife wanted. Because I like to have fun with what I cook, and stew is something that just about anything in the pot work. I just went with what I thought would taste good. Garlic had to be part of it because just about everything I cook has garlic. Stew is an easy thing to make, meat, vegetables, stock, and spices, brown the meat and throw stuff in a pot. Stew is a meal that makes you feel good when you have it. It doesn’t matter what kind of…

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