Another Pork Stir Fry

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

65750C72-C343-44A2-8096-947324B7271024D68148-F9A0-4DEF-800D-5FCC3C6EAF4A4B4F30A4-C688-429F-831C-EAD039DE9BA1Today I decided to make a stir fry, getting sick of chicken, so it’s pork tenderloin today. Next shopping trip Monday, I have flank steak on my list of things to get. Will also be looking for a roast of beef and maybe even a turkey. I don’t think my wife could ever get tired of having chicken but for me there is a limit to eating chicken. Thankfully I had a half a pork tenderloin in the the freezer and I am making a different stir fry with it. When we decided to start only shopping once a week I started looking for dried shiitake mushrooms, all the stores were out of them. Last week I found them in our Superstore so they quickly went into the cart. Normally I have them in the cupboard but used the last of them last summer. I kept putting off buying a…

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