Chicken Chow Mein Comes With Memories

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

15DBB90D-4A2E-4FB7-93E8-D85896F66AB3D2AFF6E9-4292-4297-8623-653DD55DE692A5CA8B53-7862-453B-8B69-C4F59D0E5AA76839FFD4-4C22-43A4-B601-19B7C68904CAWhen I first started cooking chinese recipes one of the first things I made was chicken chow mein. Since it is what I cooked for supper tonight I thought about making it years ago. Our kids were little and picky eaters and they drove me crazy when I cooked chinese recipes. It totally bugged me when they would pick things out and refuse to eat all the stuff in the dish. Mushrooms, peppers, water chestnuts, and other things got pushed to the side. I guess in those early years of my cooking chinese and other recipes I was a grouchy cook. I would give the kids heck for refusing to eat what I had worked at making. Thankfully I changed and so did they, now I don’t use somethings and they stopped being picky.

I may not be a chicken fan, but chicken chow mein is something I really enjoy…

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