Chicken Spaghetti |

Wait until your gang dishes up a helping of this hearty Chicken Spaghetti onto their plates. Chock full of chopped rotisserie chicken and veggies, and swimming in a flavorful homemade tomato sauce, topped off with cheese, it’s a winner.
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Slow Cooker Bourbon Chicken |

If you’ve never been able to walk past the food court without sampling the flavorful chicken bourbon bites, then you’re going to love this recipe for Slow Cooker Bourbon Chicken. Juicy chicken thighs are slow cooked in a homemade bourbon sauce.
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Pumpkin Bars, Double Crust Chicken Pot Pies & Apple, Butternut and Sausage Dressing from The Yellow Pine Times

Pumpkin Bars – The Yellow Pine Times


Double Crust Chicken Pot Pies – The Yellow Pine Times


Apple, Butternut and Sausage Dressing – The Yellow Pine Times


Chicken Fajitas

Michelle Can Cook!

Mexican food is one of my family’s favorites. We have a local Mexican restaurant that we love, but I’ve made a conscious decision to not eat out as much. But – today, I was craving Mexican. I decided to make chicken fajitas.

I started with 2 chicken breast, cut into thin strips – you know, just like the fajitas you get at your favorite restaurant.

I was only adding peppers and onions to my fajitas – I used one red bell pepper, one green bell pepper and one yellow bell pepper – along with one yellow onion. I sliced them all into thin strips.

I decided to use my cast iron wok to make the fajitas – but, you can use any large skillet. I started by spraying some avocado oil spray in the wok. I added my chicken and seasoned with 1/2 of the seasonings that the recipe calls…

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Tuscan Chicken (Marry Me Chicken)

What's for Dinner Moms?

My son made this dish on his own with my just giving him a few guidelines. He learned a lot from this dish. Like to have your spices ready to go before you turn the pan on so the olive oil doesn’t burn. Yes, he started over again. But, in the end he did a wonderful job. He said to me after dinner, “I think I will be fine at college with the cooking and food stuff. It is just the paying for it that may be difficult.” Even I understand that one!

We have always called this dish Tuscan Chicken but I heard someone refer to it as Marry Me Chicken. As the story goes someone once upon a time made this dish for her date and it was the THE DISH that made him fall in love with her so they named it “Marry Me Chicken.” I like…

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