Recipe: Scalloped Potatoes with Onions and Cheddar Cheese | Kitchn

October officially kicks off comfort food season (in my house at least), and these cheesy scalloped potatoes are a decadent way to welcome in the fall. Even if you are cooking for two, there is nothing better than having a pan of these to graze from, whether it’s breakfast or dinner, throughout the week. Scalloped potatoes is the American name for potatoes gratiné.
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Best Italian Food Recipes –

Want to make Italian food at home, but not sure where to start? This Italian cuisine round-up features all the classics—from restaurant take-out staples, like chicken Parmesan, pizza and pasta, to authentic regional dishes that will make you feel like youre in an Italian grandmothers kitchen.
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Multi-Bean Soup

32 Bean Soup for Sale | North Bay Trading

I was looking at my Google News features this morning and found a good recipe for 15 Bean Soup that recommends a side of No Knead Bread, see post below. So I thought this to be a good feature for a recipe to post, this being March 1st and Bean Soup generally being a warrant of luck, because of you know that beans are lucky & what with all March & April are typically two months that answer to the name of Lucky. It all holds together.

But I would bet that I’m not the only one who thinks of a dish named after a number of things in it to give a giggle and a wink and a hiccup or something. Like 12 Shellfish & 18 Herbs Soup instead of Fish Stew. But I like it.

Well where do you buy these 15 Beans? At Jack’s Mart. But until that’s open, I decided to do a little shopping in hopes there are people more lazy than me, who would look at the title works for the excellent recipe and think it must come with a Crusade. Then my post will have been useful.

“I have the first bean, it was found on the clover leaf in the mouth of a calf chewing its first cud. The second bean I shall seek tomorrow under a red sandstone on a beachfront where no man has walked before I will. And when I finished my search for all the myriad numbers of beans I required for this soup, I also served myself a feast and wrote many works of fiction.” …You know, like that.

I actually hope now and suddenly, that I might find the time to finish a short children’s book, something of the name of The Crusade for the Greater Beans.  But that’s a bad title even for me.  It should be about a young group of children in a farm kitchen waiting for their bread and soup dinner, who must go out into the forest and wilderness surrounding, on the very Crusade to find the best beans for the best multi-bean soup in order to win a prize for their mills from the state fairgrounds.  And also to win a Special Prize of Secret Enchantment from the Mill Keepers in their Guild.  I guess that might be like going to a School for Sorcerers in the Deep Woods.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit too complicated to be quick; and suddenly the theme shifts from pragmatic to fabulous.  I rather like to be cynical and abstract that way for any age.  I have to tone it down a bit I guess, but this is only a draft idea; and nevertheless, this has given me an idea.  The Crusade for Wild Beans.  Better title.

So first the recipe I found and then a few more dry bean soup providers for new Crusaders.

15 Bean Soup | Budget Bytes

11 Bean Soup | World Market

13 Bean Soup Bob’s Mill | Walmart

15 Cajun Bean Soup | Hurst’s Hambeans

16 Bean Soup Starter | Target

16 Bean Goya Soup | Spark People Recipes

Neil’s 16 Bean Soup | The Spruce

16 Bean Soup | Taste of Home

16 Bean Soup with Ham & Kale | Skinny Taste

16 Bean Soup | Our Simple Homestead

15 Bean Vegan Soup | Brand New Vegan

15 or 16 Bean Slow Cooker Soup | Betty Crocker

2nd Multi Bean Soup for Stovetop | Betty Crocker

16 Bean Pasta e Ravioli | Food Network

16 Bean Tomato & Chorizo Soup | Family Circle

Slow Cooker 16 Bean Stew | Plain Chicken

Chicken 3 Bean Kale Stew | Food in Jars

Well all this above being true, I found Goya’s 16 Bean Dry Soup (available at Amazon & Walmart; I should mention also eBay, but I find their foods very expensive and over-market price); and thought of what would have otherwise at one time been a game show night at the kitchen table, counting different beans and getting the best of other people’s beans. And winning chocolate brownies or cookies for it.

So I continued to pursue beans, which only leads me to nuts usually; and stopping short of those, I plowed through and persevered and went on with more beans soup recipes and one bean salad.  (There are few nut temptations that I am willing to defeat for any reason, in which case, I usually try to avoid all conversations of nuts, because they will lead me astray such as I have just done.)

On other topic, or the one we were on before nuts; I’m not sure if a multi-bean dish qualifies in the same day with a multi-grain bread or cereal, but I have heard rumors that it might. So this post should prove healthy to that end, besides good for the have to have it recipes list with comfort foods.

In the meanwhile, I want to research the multi-grain connection and finish pulling together the other bean dishes for this post, so I will be back with an update below this line today. Same post. Thanks for your patience.  (Also because, I am still practicing loading posts from my beautiful, new ASUS Zenfone Zoom and I am still getting pinched by auto-correct.  My corrections in the second copy have been made.)

So the day resumes again here as promised.  Some things here will be a bit un-thematic to the former post of earlier in the day, but all in keeping.

Spicy Praline Cashews | Taste of Home

Praline Paste | Road to Pastry

(I just couldn’t resist a break for some nut-related recipes in this.)

Multi-Grains | Fit Day Fitness

Turns out, my research project to compare a multi-bean dry mix to a multi-grain bread mix is more complicated than I thought.  Sometimes, you can just get lucky googling things like, “comparison of multi-bean mixes to multi-grain breads” and find out everything you didn’t even think you were asking; other times, you type in something like I did, “what is healthier for you multi-bean mix or multi-grain bread” and you get a division of both.  I will have to try to tighten up my argument with Google and present a better search when I have even learned how to do it.  I think my lead might be in this article with something like, “compare complex carbohydrates and proteins in beans and breads”.  (Maybe I should do that.)

Legumes and Resistant Starches | Harvard University Public Health Experts

Okay, so the search we are looking for is a study of LEGUMES, which every diet conscience person knows means business with sugar and starch.

So yes, the gist of this is that beans and grains are wellness partners in fiber comparatives, and also good for your protein intake, on the basis of glutens I think (but I have added that); but you have to understand that in relation to your diet, there are factors which will change the effectiveness of the carbohydrate intake — since, also there are different types of Legumes, cellulose based and honey?  I should read this again.  (Another minute.)  Well, legumes change starch to glucose by cellulose or viscose to your digestion and lower your glycol intake.  This is all good, unless you have a gluten issue, in which case, less beans, less glutens, less beans, more glutens, more beans, less glutens, more beans, more glutens?  So, really, don’t take my advice.  This is a bit more professional than I meant to post today.  I was trying to make the following point.

The point I make is that multi-grain breads refer us to complex carbohydrates and multi-bean mixes serve for legumes which serve for complex carbohydrates.  And these carbohydrates are help to digest starches, of course which also lower the fat rate to our vital organs, although many people will say they increase complex sugars which can raise your blood pressure.  (That’s only if you eat more protein than carbohydrates, because the extra carbohydrates will turn to extra fat with protein fat.)

Let’s go on with our happy day, this post has become a trainwreck alert.  I just want to post more nuts now.  Do we go out and find out what nuts will do with complex carbohydrates?  I may as well.  (I couldn’t do it without posting some bread.)

Whole Grain Bread Recipes | Bread Experience


Sourdough Einkhorn Bread | Bread Experience

Nuts In Depth | Mayo Clinic Health Updates

(Just an interesting nut fact.  Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and those can help in the digestion of legumes, which make the legumes better for all health concerns in the first place.  Nuts, legumes and multi-grain breads, therefore, can and will kill you if you add a lot of extra fatty foods and starches to them.  That’s what I thought.  But for people who are dieting to extremes, it’s not a bad idea to hunt down recipes in those categories.)

To get on with the cooking.

16 Bean Salad | Food Schmooze

Chipotle Black Bean Soup | My Recipes

Classic Black Bean Soups | Good Housekeeping

White Bean Soup | The Southern Lady Cooks


How to Make Dry Bean Soup with NO RECIPE! | Harvest to Table (Instruction)

Dry Bean Soup from the Pantry | The Perfect Pantry

Cherchies Mixed Bean Soup | The Head Nut

(I thought I would throw in an ad since I found this neat soup mix searching today.)

Easy Meal in a Bowl Pesto, Pasta & Bean Soup | The Washington Post

Since my favorite kind of multi-bean soup is with pasta and green vegetables along with the beans and other vegetables of course, like a fully loaded soup that is like a pasta and bean stew, I had to include something of that kind at the end.  And this Farro and Bean Soup at the NYT’s Food Section was just too much to pass up, although I had to remind myself if Farro is about the same as Orzo and I think it is, but people disagree.

Farro & Bean Soup | NYT Cooking

Orzo & Herb Pilaf | Cooking Light

Well, I compared Farro Orzo for myself and didn’t want to leave out the good mention.

(I said we were diverging off the main path.)

Bean & Lentil Recipes (16) | Cookie & Kate

(We might need extra recipes because I brought Orzo along without any notice.  That, and I saw the Cowboy Caviar and other finders’ keepers recipes and thought I had to.)

Pasta with Greens and White Beans | Vegetarian Times

(From the NYT’s to Vegetarian Times; that’s a borough on Long Island I understand; Vegan Boroughs  (No, it’s not.)  So, I don’t cook at all (as I like to confess as often as I can so when people hope to find out what experiences I have had with recipes, they won’t be too disappointed that it has not been in the kitchen cooking) — but I love to suggest things that might be valuable to a recipe.  So this recipe suggests rigatoni or penne and I have suggested instead rotelle and orzo, having no idea if that will be delicious or not.  (No, I believe it should also be good, except that I’m not sure exactly if the presence of orzo would mean that we might also want to include a few pine nuts into the broth at the end, in order to tighten up the oils.)


Some Food to Keep Us Moving With

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Vietnamese Style Pork Chops with Herb Salad

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