Barbecued Turkey Drumsticks |

Did you ever think you could have barbecued drumsticks right in your microwave? Well, we did it! Trade in your traditional barbecued chicken for dinner and try out our easy recipe for Barbecued Turkey Drumsticks. They’re not too spicy, so you can eve
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Blackened Turkey Steaks |

Viewers often write in and ask why their turkey always tastes so bland. Well, turkey requires a lot of seasoning to really hold particular flavors. That’s why I like preparing this Cajun-style turkey cutlet. What it lacks in fat (yeah!) it makes up f
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Herb Butter Roasted Turkey |

They’ll be asking for more turkey once they get a taste of this extra-juicy and buttery rich Herb Butter Roasted Turkey. The trick is in stuffing your seasoned butter under the skin and slathering it on top, too!
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Vegetarian Turkey? 2 Articles

Cooking with Kathy Mann Blog wrote a post:

Many Americans’ Thanksgiving Dream: a Faux Turkey in Every Pot

And I was thinking that meatless burger companies have also introduced a great amount of meatless turkey. I’m wondering why this isn’t well known?

So I suggest also this recipe. It’s not exactly a full turkey, but it counts for turkey roast for the plated entree!

quorn celebration roast vegetarian christmas recipe

Quorn Brand Celebration Turkey Roast